KERALAM is truly, simply Kerala. It will be your passage to the land, spurred on by remnants and memoirs - sometimes as simple as a piece of wood; sometimes as mysterious as a burial urn.

Housed in a heritage building - one that saw history in the making - KERALAM captures the quintessence of the land in an enchanting 7,000 sq.ft of space. Here, quaint hallways, majestic pillars and arched gates, built in a mix of traditional and colonial style, will lead you across different time zones and spaces, to reveal the soul of Kerala.

Enhancing your Kerala experience at KERALAM will be multimedia systems, video displays, information boards, maps, charts and more. While strategically placed kiosks and information points will assist you to know more about the various sections, short narrative documentaries will help you experience first-hand the many facets of Kerala's cultural history.

Apart from aesthetically designed galleries, a theatre, library and a museum shop will add to your experience at KERALAM.

Keralam has for you a range of exhibits that would make you familiar with the many facets of the land like its people,traditions, lifestyle, art,trade and many more.
Culture Shoppe
After spending your time in the museum,some of the exhibits, especially figures in metal could be of attraction to you; sometimes to the extend of buying it.
Visiting Time
Keralam - Museum of history and heritage is open on all working days except Mondays & public holidays.

Visiting time: 10.00 am to 05.30pm
Entrance fee
       For Indians :
               Adults- Rs. 20
               Children - Rs. 10
       For Foreigners:
               Adults - Rs. 200
               Children - Rs. 50